Order COGPACK Professional

For the use of COGPACK in companies or by professionals you must order the Professional Version. Only the Professional Version contains the personal data management.

If you want to use COGPACK for the individual training at home you can order the Home Version.

COGPACK net (Euro) 19 % VAT
incl.* (Euro)

For customers who already own a version
of COGPACK Professional:
COGPACK for Windows Update to current version
incl. printed manual
100,00 119,00*

For new customers:
COGPACK for Windows Professional on CD 450,00 535,50*
incl. one of the following languages: DE (German)
ES (Spanish)
FR (French)
IT (Italian)
NO (Norwegian)
NL (Dutch)
PT (Portuguese)
US (English)
incl. printed manual German
Additional Licenses License for   1 computer 150,00 178,50*
License for   2 computers 200,00 238,00*
License for   3 computers 240,00 285,60*
License for   4 computers 270,00 321,30*
License for   5 computers 300,00 357,00*
License for   6 computers 320,00 380,80*
License for   7 computers 340,00 404,60*
License for   8 computers 360,00 428,40*
License for   9 computers 380,00 452,20*
License for 10 computers
400,00 476,00*
Currently we consider an 11-computers license (COGPACK Professional plus additional 10-Computers License) to be a Campus- and LAN license - see our General Terms and Conditions.
Additional Language Sets DE (German) 100,00 119,00*
ES (Spanish) 100,00 119,00*
FR (French) 100,00 119,00*
IT (Italian) 100,00 119,00*
NO (Norwegian) 100,00 119,00*
NL (Dutch) 100,00 119,00*
PT (Portuguese) 100,00 119,00*
US (English) 100,00 119,00*
Instruction spoken DE (German) 30,00 35,70*
IT (Italian) 30,00 35,70*
NO (Norwegian) 30,00 35,70*
Additional Manuals US (English) 13,70 16,30*
DE (German) 13,70 16,30*
Update Service for 2 years 300,00 357,00*
data carrier USB flash drive instead of CD 6,72 8,00*

* within Germany 19% VAT are added. Within EU 19% VAT are added, if no EU VAT-IDNo. is available. Taxes and custom fees in the country of the customer have to be paid by the customer.

Shipping fee
Delivery to Europe: free of charge
Delivery to all other countries: 12,00 Euro
I prefer express delivery by UPS 68,00 Euro

We will ship your COGPACK by air mail or UPS including the invoice if there are no other agreements. After receiving the package you can pay by transferring to our bank account or by sending a cheque. Please mind: We do not accept credit cards. If you want to pay by Pay Pal please write "by pay pal" into the remarks below and we will contact you by email.

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